Trusted Public Sector Advisory Solutions for Enhanced Service Delivery and Good Governance

We specialise in providing expert advisory solutions tailored specifically for TVET Colleges and Municipalities. Our primary focus is to enhance service delivery and promote good governance, ensuring that your institution operates with the highest standards of efficiency and accountability.

Trying to achieve sound financial management with limited resources can be overwhelming

  • Your finance department is under staffed.
  • Your budget is either cut, unchanged, or inadequate.
  • Your team lacks the necessary skills

If so, we provide comprehensive support at a fraction of the cost, ensuring you get value for money while achieving sound financial management. This ensures your institution operates efficiently and transparently. We have successfully delivered consulting services to various educational institutions and public sector entities.

We cAn help you

in the following areas

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

We provide tailored training and professional development to ensure your team is equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to achieve sound financial management and effective governance.


Financial Statement Preparation

We will assist you to prepare financial statements that are fully with GRAP standards.


Internal Audit Engagements

Our internal audit services cover various aspects such as performance reviews, policy compliance, and addressing audit findings.


Audit Support

We provide support in resolving findings from the external audit. This includes developing and implementing management action plans, introducing preventative controls, and ensuring compliance with audit recommendations

Technical review

Technical Reviews

We provided detailed and thorough technical opinions on complex GRAP standards. This ensures that our clients fully comply with GRAP standards and apply them consistently with standard practices.


Fixed Asset Management

We conduct comprehensive audits and reviews of assets, including thorough physical verification. Our process involves assessing the condition, impairment, and values of these assets to ensure accurate and reliable financial reporting.

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